Child, Teen, and Family Therapy

Initial Phone Consultations Always Free

Call us for a free initial phone conversation to see if we can help.

We would like to schedule an initial intake meeting to establish a plan moving forward.

We can perform a child mental health assessment, and/or a bio health assessment and schedule sessions accordingly. 

picture of a family in a counseling session.

picture of a family in a counseling session.

About Us

picture of a mom and teenage son in a counseling session.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is used to address the chaotic behavioral needs you are struggling to address with your child or teenager at home.

picture of a family with a counselor.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a useful treatment to teach families how to cooperate and communicate more effectively with one another

picture of a child with a sand tray environment being monitored by a therapist

Play and Sand Tray Therapies

Play Therapy is the recommended practice for children as it is developmentally appropriate and tailored to meet their specific communication needs.

picture of a dad with his son looking out a window of a bus.

Co-Parenting Program

This 6 session program is offered when both parents are in agreement that it is in the best interests of the children to sit down and formulate a parenting plan